Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 10……. Sewing. That’s all.

Yesterday was not very exciting. I woke up, I ate breakfast, I checked my email. The guys came to fix our hot water heater, took the old one, and said they’d be back on Monday. So we might have hot water by Monday… w00t! Cold showers are OK when it’s 95% humidity and like, 88 degrees, but it would be nice to have the option, ya know?

Lynne and I cut the fabric for the toad pen in the morning, then she went down to the resort to try and catch some tadpoles. She found some really interesting beetle larvae, and is testing to see if the larvae interact with or pose a cost to the tungara frogs as they call (it stemmed from a beetle she caught on video that bit a tungara frog). Anyways, I took all 40 feet of the mesh fabric down for the sides of the toad pen down to the school, and finally figured out where the sewing machine was. Lynne is apparently pro sewer, so she showed me how to set it up and thread the needle and all, and I got to work sewing tracks into the sides of all my panels. I started this at about 1 p.m. ….. I was done at 11 p.m. Now, I did take breaks, and go home for dinner, but it seriously took me like, 7 hours to sew all of this. I think my eyeballs were about ready to fall off!

It was a quiet night for frogs (hasn’t rained in 2 days), so it was a short night for Lynne. We loaded up the truck with the frog pen pieces and took them over to the fly cage area, and dropped them off. I’ll go back today while it’s light outside and set everything up. Toad pen should be complete by tonight, and ready for experiments tonight or tomorrow!


  1. > a beetle she caught on video that bit a tungara frog

    It sucks to be a frog in Panama. Nothing leaves you alone.

  2. I didn’t think you had ever used a sewing machine before. Wait till I tell Grandma!