Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My milk frog brings and the (fe)males to the yard...

Tonight we start cane toad trials - so excited! I am hoping that the toads will be hungry enough to visit more than one or two food bowls (which is what they did in Lubbock). We'll see what happens. I'll report back in a few days, when both groups have gone and I have a general idea of what's going on.

Now, however, I'd like to tell you a little story about an unexpected visitor to our house last week:

Who is this little guy? I'll give you a hint - he's about the size of a Gladiator Tree Frog (which is what we thought he was at first). Upon further inspection, we found that he had interesting toad-like bumps all over his skin:

AND he was very, very sticky. Did you guess the milk frog, Trachycephalus venulosus? Then you're right! Este es la rana favorita de Ximena (Ximena's favorite frog), so she was very excited to see it, since it's actually not very common in Gamboa. What luck, he was sitting right under our house at the meeting table, just waiting for us to take pictures of him! As he was being handed around the group so we could all feel his sticky skin, he leaped from my hand onto Ximena's shirt (sadly, no picture), and splashed milky secretion into my eye! At first I thought it was fine, but after a few minutes my eye started to itch and burn really bad. I could still see, so I  said "Ummm, I think I got splashed in the eye....", walked calmly over to the sink, and began flushing my eye out with water. The calm, quick reaction paid off, and as the night progressed my eye stopped burning and was OK. Lesson learned: always watch out for your eyes, mouth, and nose; you never know what might splash off of something!!

Have you every gotten something weird in your eye? What did you do? Did you panic, or react calmly?

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