Monday, October 10, 2011

Supporting Toads in California!

This week I'm heading to Anaheim for the National Association of Biology Teachers Professional Development Conference (NABT for short). This is my first national conference by myself; I'm really excited! Better yet, I will be presenting a poster about Adventures in Toading, and it's use for connecting research to education. I'm hoping to reach a new audience and make some new contacts, and also learn about what science teachers really need from outreach programs such as this one.

I'm heading out on Wednesday afternoon and won't be back until Sunday night, but you can definitely expect a post about the conference next week. Until then, here's a great resource that I just linked on my main page:

The Texas Parks and Wildlife website for amphibian conservation and outreach - they have a ton of information about Texas frogs and toads, how to go "frogging", and how to get involved with amphibian research. You can read my synopsis at the bottom of this page.  They also have a PowerPoint presentation with great slides highlighting the most common anurans in Texas. Check out two of my favorites here:

That's all for now - see you in California! :)

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